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Continuously Improve Customer Support Performance With QA Scorecards.

See how you can create and configure scorecards to score the performance of customer service agents.Evaluate scorecards and offer immediate assessment leading to positive reinforcement and enhanced customer service.

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Leaptree Optimize has been designed from the ground up to meet the need for consistent, affordable and world-class QA of sales, support and service teams using Salesforce.

Built on the Salesforce platform, it allows supervisors to automate the creation of metrics and scorecards for any given activity: from call handling to updating records and scheduling follow-ups.

Track individual and team performance as well as gain vital insights and identify problem areas which can be improved through coaching and training. Improve the entire performance review process within your company.What can you expect from Leaptree Optimize?

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT - Agents and managers can create instant feedback loops, enhance daily performance dialogue and establish effective performance trends

EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT - Keep employees motivated to continue achieving results, especially when goals are aligned to individual strengths.

REAL-TIME METRICS - With data-driven metrics, get a better understanding of individuals key strengths. Assign tasks more effectively & boost overall performance.

CONFIGURABLE - Build scorecards that work on any object - standard or custom.

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Learn about a better way to do QA for sales, service and support teams. We show you how an automated QA solution – embedded within Salesforce – leads not only to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty, but also to higher employee engagement; a factor that has a crucial bearing on the customer experience.