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This ebook is about a better way for Salesforce users to manage commission payments – not just for sales teams, but for any department that rewards people with variable pay.

It looks at what’s holding companies back from implementing effective commission schemes today, and how that’s impacting sales performance and operational efficiency.

Finally, we’ll reveal four hallmarks of world-class incentive compensation management, and an innovative solution, Leaptree Incentivize.

This solution enables detailed commission plans to be modeled and implemented easily across departments in a Salesforce environment.

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With so much potential for time-wasting, error and missed revenue targets, there must be a better way to model and manage commission payments.

And there is: many organizations today are implementing automated incentive compensation management to iron out the issues we explore within the paper .The best solutions support the business to unlock the full strategic potential of bonuses, commissions and other types of variable compensation.

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